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               Lake Memphremagog


Lake Memphremagog is an international body of water located in southern Quebec and northern Vermont. The lake is aprox. 20 miles long with most of it located in Quebec, though the wider, southern area is located in Vermont.

The lake is a popular tourist destination due to it’s relatively close proximity to urban centers like Montreal and Sherbrooke. Some well known actors have homes on the shores of the lake. However, the lake does have another claim to fame ..

Memphre, as it is known, is said to be a large, reptilian creature living in the waters of Lake Memphremagog. Sightings have been reported since 1816 and have continued since.

Memphre is usually described as about 15 feet long, serpent like with multiple humps rising out of the water as well as a long neck and horse-like head. Currently, there are no known animals within the area that fit this description. It is possible that some witnesses may have mistaken normal objects such as logs or wave formations as being Memphre. However, the possibility of an undocumented animal living in the lake is also there and further investigation is warranted.

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