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                 Lac Massawippi


Lac Massawippi is located in the Eastern Townships near Sherbrooke. It is a popular lake with tourist with many cottages and inn’s in the region.

The lake is also known to perhaps harbor a lake creature of some sorts, dubbed Whippi.

While not as well known as other nearby lake creatures such as Memphre in Lac Memphremagog or Champ in Lake Champlain, Whippi sightings are still reported and in 2005, was apparently photographed.

The lake is not extremely large but is quite deep. Could Whippi possibly inhabit it’s waters?

Update: March 2007

We received the following via email:

Saw Wippi in April of 1984 on opening of fishing season while out with another adult and my 12 year old sun. We clearly saw the creature with its head out of the water.

Our thanks to the witness. Further information shall be published if possible.

Did you have a sighting of Whippi, or have more information regarding Whippi? Please contact us at quebec@pararesearchers.org.