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Here is the most often requested information from and/or about us...

Q: How do I contact your organization about an experience that I have had?

A: We welcome all submissions from the general public. Please read this page, which gives instructions on how to contact us and how your personal information is handled.

Q: What are your views on the subjects presented on this site?

A:We as an organization do not ascribe to any one belief, hypothesis, theory, idea etc. Of course we have our own individual viewpoints and interests and we do respect each other’s rights to personal beliefs - free of judgments and UNPRODUCTIVE criticism as opposed to healthy debate. To quote a colleague “ we do not preach nor limit ourselves by believing or not believing in one answer to anything.”

We encourage you to read through our site and other similar sites and form your own opinions on the information presented.

Q: Where are all of your photos?

A:We currently do not have any.

Q: Where are all of your media credits?

.A: We do not include a listing of media credits on this website as our focus as an organization and for this website is to provide research, investigation, and study of paranormal topics. In other words we are not solely media driven. We do consider and welcome media requests, however we will only work with those who intend to present these topics in a responsible and dignified manner. Please be aware that witness information is privacy policy protected and we will not give media any personal information about those who contact us or who’s experiences/encounters appear on this website. If you are a member of the media and wish to contact us you may do so here:

Q: How much do you get paid for this?

A: We DO NOT personally get paid salaries or receive any monetary compensation either for our research efforts or through this website. We are all volunteers and expenses in regards to investigations research etc is funded solely from our own pockets or through private donations to PSICAN our parent organization.

Q: How much do you charge for membership?

A: We do not charge membership fees/dues. Membership is limited to by invitation only at this time – when/if this should change all-pertinent information will be posted to this page. If you are interested in assisting us with our research efforts or in another capacity you are invited to contact one of our directors via email. Contact information is provided on our About Us page.

Q: How can I aid your organization in furthering your investigation and studies?

A: If you wish to make a contribution to our on-going efforts you may read about how to do so by clicking here. This link will take you to our parent organization PSICAN.

Q: How do I become a professional paranormal investigator?

A: We are non-profit and made up of volunteers so perhaps we are the wrong source to ask. To date we know of no accredited university or non-profit educational institute within the province of Ontario that offers parapsychology or pseudo-science as a major or full-time course and therefore we consider ourselves to be amateurs who are pursuing an enjoyable hobby. The majority of paranormal investigators fund their own research interests independantly and maintain employment within other fields. The best advice we can offer is to READ as much material as you can on your topic/s of interest especially those of varying viewpoints. A good investigator in our opinion will consider ALL possibilities while continually questioning those possibilities reasonably and objectively at the same time. An education in science, history and courses on folklore will also be extremely helpful to you as will networking with others whom share your interests. We wish you all the best in your endeavors! 

If you are interested in ghost & hauntings investigations we highly recommend that you read through the PSICAN course book that provides an excellent no-nonsense resource for the beginner!

If you are new to paranormal research online or a newer internet user we encourage you to read the brief, but informative precautionary note written by one of our directors in response to a recent situation that had the potential of becoming a tragedy.

Q: May I use one of your articles, photos etc?

A: With the exception of material presented by outside sources ALL articles, photos, sketches, etc belong and are copyrighted to Para-Researchers Of Quebec and may not be used in any format whatsoever without the express written permission of one of our directors. Just ask first and in most cases we probably will say go ahead - no problem - provided that full (c) - contact info is respected and made available.

IQ: am a student. I need information. Can you help me?

A: Yes! We are happy to help anyone with information if/when possible. Please be specific with your question/s.

Q: Why are UFOs and Cryptozoology included on a paranormal website?

A: A possible paranormal connection to some of these accounts cannot be disproven therefore we feel comfortable including these topics within our site and areas of research interest. Besides they are highly interesting to many of our members to boot!

In closing if you have any further questions please contact us and we will make every attempt to answer them in a timely fashion. You may also pose questions or post your views (please read our rules and terms of usage) on our discussion board.