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Here we will document sightings in the Outaouais region. If you would like to report a UFO sighting in this area, or have information regarding a specific sighting, please contact us at quebec@pararesearchers.org

                19?? - Gatineau

A number of children observed a very low flying disc shaped craft hovering silently over a school yard. Date unknown.

                199? - Fort Coulonge

While standing on his deck overlooking the Coulonge River, the witness reports seeing a green star-like object in the evening sky. It suddenly started to zig-zag across the sky, suggesting incredible speed and manueverability. Soon after, the object vanished. There was no sound.

                199? - Aylmer

Two teenagers playing basketball in the evening at a local basketball court notice two orange, cresent shaped objects moving strangely in the sky over the Ottawa River. The objects seemed to be moving toward them, which frightened them enough to run to one of the teens nearby home. After a good amount of time, they noticed that a few hours of the evening were possibly unaccounted for.

                 2002 - Hull

On March 19, 2002, at around 2 pm site director Stu Finlay was sitting in the 5th floor smoking lounge of La Peita chronic care hospital when a man in the same room gestured toward the window exclaiming there to be something odd in the sky. The object was disc shaped, approx 200 feet (61 meters) in diameter and grey metallic in color. It flew approx northwest over the highrises of Ottawa and across the river before disappearing behind a wing of the hospital.

                 2003 - Aylmer

On May 4, 2003, two yellowish star like lights moving together side by side were seen in Aylmer. They then vanished upwards at an incredible speed. The sighting lasted 30 seconds. Source: NUFORC