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              White Lady / Dame Blanche


The stretch of Route 175 in the Parc des Laurentides is very dangerous due to the mountainous terrain, and unfortunately, many car accidents have occurred here.

This has given rise to the legend of the White Lady, a phantom hitchhiker.

Allegedly, a young woman dressed in white is seen at the side of the road. In at least one account, she entered the vehicle of a passerby who stopped to presumably give her a ride. Not long after entering the vehicle, she vanishes.

It is interesting to note that this story is similar to that of Resurrection Mary in Chicago and other similar stories involving phantom hitchhikers, which tend to be young women.

Update May 2007

We have learned from a reader that while a legend of a lady in white does exist in the area, the above documented story of the vanishing hitchhiker was in fact a hoax done by a local radio station. Our thanks to the reader for this information.

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