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    Possible UFO sighting/abduction somewhere between Winnipeg and Montreal.


The witness was hitchhiking his way from Winnipeg to Montreal several years ago. Without much luck, he decided to rest on the gravel on the side of the road. Suddenly, he saw a star-like object doing up down, left right maneuvers. He then tried to contact them with his thoughts for reasons unknown. The occupants of the craft apparently accepted the contact and began speaking with him in a way that is best described as telepathy. The witness said it was difficult to speak through thought, since it is not something normally done by most people. He had the impression they were interested in his mind. The craft apparently hung around a long time, which the witness feels was because they were observing him.

While sleeping later (the actual time details have currently not been worked out), he had a dream where six aliens took him on board the craft. Nothing else is remembered or was told to us accept that he described the dream as “worse than a nightmare.”

Providing we get more details, we may update this case.