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              Updates / Nouvelles

October/ Octobre 2008 - Caroline Lapierre is our newest member. She joins us as a researcher and translator. Welcome/ Beinvenue!

The following write-ups are now bilingual: Black mouthed old ladies, Norte-Dame Basilica, and Chateau Veudreul.


September 2008 - New site look and interface coming soon.


February / Fevrier 2008 - Added Possible UFO sighting/abduction somewhere between Winnipeg and Montreal..


August / Aout 2007 - Added Fort Stewart, Dorchester Square and Rue Saint-Paul to the Montreal area ghost section.


July / Juillet 2007 - Montreal 2007 sightings page added here. More UFO sighting reports to come.


May / Mai 2007- Added Alien Abduction section.


March / Mars 2007 - Added two new haunting cases in the Outaouais. One in Aylmer and the other in Gatineau.

Added Bigfoot in Quebec?.


February / Fevrier 2007 - Added Chateau Vaudreuil to Montreal and surroundings ghost section and Fort Coulogne UFO sighting.


January / Janvier 2007- Mont-Laurier sighting - late 60s/ Observation à Mont-Laurier - fin des années 1960 added. Translated by Eric.

December / Decembre 3, 2006 - Added White Lady of Route 175.


October / Octobre 31, 2006 - Happy Halloween! - Added French translation of The Bonaventure Incident as well as a reworked (ie better) translation of the home page text. A big merci to Eric for his help.


October / Octobre 2006 - Site is launched! / Site en linge!