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             Ghost Hill


Ghost Hill refers to a small forested elevation located near Luskville which the most important road in the area traverses.

There have been many car accidents on this stretch of road as there is a steep, sharp turn. These have given rise to stories of ghost cars, which drive straight at and, shockingly, through oncoming vehicles. There is also one alleged incident of a driver entering the Ghost Hill area and exiting the way they came in, going the opposite direction!

The woods surrounding the road are also rumored to be haunted, as is the farmhouse on top of the hill and a home located at the foot of the hill, though there are, to our knowledge, no known reports from these locations.

The house at the foot of the hill used to be a church and is rather creepy looking, which may explain why some feel it is haunted. The site director’s Grandmother was interested in buying this home at one time. She decided against it, for non ghostly reasons. However, she was not thrilled with the fact that bodies had yet to be exhumed from the cellar.

Update September 2007:

The following was sent in by one of our readers:

My great aunt and her first and second husbands lived on Ghost Hill for many, many years. In the early part of the last century my great uncle was the caretaker of the graveyard. At that time bodies were stolen from graveyards and sold to the medical schools. My greatuncle would tie a rope to the freshly buried casket and the other end to his foot and lay outside the cemetery to catch the graverobbers. My aunt told us many stories about ghost hill, in particular an instance, in the early 1930s, where a bus started out at the bottom of the hill without passengers, at the top of the hill the bus driver turned around to find, to his astonishment, a woman sitting in the back of the bus. Despite being curious about how he missed a passenger getting on his bus, he continued on to the bottom of the hill. Stopped, opened the bus door to let the passenger out, she was gone. Seemed when he passed the graveyard he heard a “whooshing” sound, perhaps that was her exiting the bus. My Aunt died when she was near 100 years old and was a lifelong resident of the area. Born in Thorne and grew up in Shawville. She could tell tales that would literally raise the hair on your neck.


We thank the witness for this interesting information.

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