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                 Dorchester Square


Dorchester Square served as a cemetery for victims of cholera in the 1800s. Unfortunately, it is said that many of the victims buried here were in fact not dead, rather they were in a morphine induced coma. Add to this that burials where done rather quickly due to the spreading nature of the disease, and we have a situation where people reported hearing strange noises on the grounds, presumably from those trapped below.

Such stories from the past of people who are thought to be, yet are not dead being buried are not that unusual. Medical science was not as advanced as today and so sometimes a patient would be mistakenly presumed dead when, in fact, they were in a coma.

While we currently have no reports from this site, there are rumors of possibly paranormal activity.

If you have had an experience at Dorchester Square, please contact us at quebec@pararesearchers.org