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                Montreal Area 2007 UFO Sightings

                Verdun - July

At 11.30 am July 29 2007 , I saw a circual object going around the cockpit of a jet that was flying north towards the airport. It hovered around the cockpit of the jet and then suddenly turned away and flew to the south and was gone over the horizon in a matter of a about 5 seconds. It was a cloudless day and there were no other planes around.

Our thanks to the witness for their report.


                St. Bruno - September 9

V Shapped formation of redish orange fots

I was watching shooting stars on my backyard deck and saw a V Shaped formation of dim red/orange lights going from west to east. The speed was quite fast and made no noise whatsoever despite the appearance of behing fairly close. The V Shaped formation remained perfectly distances from each other during the whole occurance. I ran inside briefly though my patio door to get my wife, sister in law and my son. I turned back to watch the formation just in time for the lights to dim completely and then disappear.

We see quite a lot of airplanes land and take off from ST-Hubert's airport, commercial and military on occasions by at the speed these thigs flew, there should have been noise like other usual take offs and the lights were not regular red/white/blue blinking position lights were used to see. Just plain orange/redish dots.

Obviously, my wife and sister in law now think it's a joke buy I am certain I am not the only one who noticed as the sky was ckear and the temperature outside was quite pleasant.

Don't knopw what exactly I saw but I absolutely saw with my owb eyes, Is there any way I can find out if soneone else say this too ? Source: NUFORC


                 Montreal - December 15

The following was received via email:

Good Evening,
I just saw something very weird in the sky : 2 very bright blue lights, in a straight line, that were flying very fast and suddenly dissapear.
It was around 12h28 am.
Our thanks to the witness.